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Tarry says he is Northern enough to be frank, but lived South long enough (25 years) to be polite about it. Tarry grew up on the coast of Maine, moved to Florida, then came halfway back to North Carolina, where he raised his three stepchildren and is blessed with 3 grandchildren, along with horses, dogs, and other random pets, including a baby deer (Fawnzy) for a little while.


You will find Tarry and his level of service to be a welcome, safe oasis for exploring real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains. No junk emails. No pushy realtor. Just you exploring homes with a licensed broker at your back, ready to guide you every step of the way. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, buying a home is exciting, but also stressful. With Tarry, you can relax.

If you’re wanting to sell your home, Tarry has over 30 years experience in sales and marketing – from The Omni Grove Park Inn Resort, to managing multi-million dollar luxury developments. Tarry specializes in the sales, marketing, and psychology of selling real estate in Asheville. Since 2006, Tarry has been directly marketing to 92% of buyers before they ever speak with an agent, and 40% of those buyers find the home they buy before ever speaking with a realtor. Tarry’s approach is the most engaging and relaxing way for buyers to shop in today’s market.


Tarry says most people come in as clients, but become friends in the end. Since he has a farm, he jokes that he’s also the guy you call when you need a tool, a truck, or just want to pet a horse. People enjoy Tarry, and gain a local friend in the end. Feel free to call or text Tarry at (828) 231-6966!